Pigment Mixer

  • This handheld mixer is powered by 2 AA batteries and is perfect for remixing pigments and small bottles.
1 Gallon Mixer
  • This Mixer attached to a standard drill and is used to quickly mix 1 Gallon Jugs
5 Gallon Mixer
  • This Mixer attaches to a standard drill and is used to quickly mix 5 gallon pails.


Pearl Powder - Add Pearl Powder to hot plastisol to create unique effects and light reflection. 1 Fluid ounce container 2 Fluid Ounce container

  • Silk Silver New
  • Black Pearl
  • Pink Pearl
  • Dark Blue Pearl
  • Sky Blue Pearl
  • Copper Pearl
  • Dark Red Pearl
  • Brilliant Gold
  • Green Apple Pearl
  • Purple Pearl
  • Dark Green Pearl
  • Silver Pearl
  • White Pearl

Plastisol Additives

Plastisol Hardener


High grade hardener used to get the exact hardness you prefer. Simply add this hardener to any of the plastisols offered and dial in the hardness of your custom bait and tackle. Offered in pints and quarts.

Plastisol Additives

Plastisol Softener


Add this softener to any of the plastisol's offered to dial in the hardness of your finished bait.


High Quality, High Strength TIN CURE RTV Silicone POLYSOL's RTV silicone mold making rubber is a two-component material.   There is a Part A and a Part B that is mixed together at a 10/1 ratio APPLICATIONS: -
  • Soft baits / Lures {Plastisol}
  • Wax
  • Soap
  • UltraCal 30
  • EpoxyLow melt metals (up to 400 degrees Max)
  • Polyester
  • Fiberglass Resign
  • Plaster
  • Urethane Rubber & Plastic
  • HydroCal White
MIXING: Mix Part A and Part B at a 10/1 ratio.  Once the two components are mixed thoroughly you will have roughly 45 minutes to pour the mixture. CURING:  After the mixture is poured it will fully cure in 12 Hours. PROPERTIES Mix Ratio: 10/1 by weight Base Color - Beige Catalyst Color - Blue Specific Gravity - 1.07 Viscosity (cPs) - 16,000 Pot Life (pour time) - 45 min. Tensile - 600 Elongation, % -  160 Durometer, Shore A = 45/50 Tear Strength - 25 Materials Recommended:
  • Digital Gram or Digital Postage Scale
  • Mixing Containers
  • Stir Sticks
  • Latex or Nitrile Gloves

Plastisol Additives

Sinking Additive


Sinking Additive is used to give baits a slow sinking action in the water.  Please note that overuse of sinking additive will effect bait color.


High Temp STRING Glitter .125 x .0125


  3 Gallons of  Plastisol

  • Choose Formula
5 Pigments Choices  {4 Ounces Each} 5 Color Choices of .040 Hex High Temp Glitter  {4 Ounces Each} 25 Bait Bags {Pick Size} Choose Scent


1 Gallon of  Plastisol

  • Choose Formula
Scent 3 Pigments Choices  {4 Ounces Each} 3 Color Choices of .040 Hex High Temp Glitter  {4 Ounces Each} 25 Bait Bags {Pick Size}