Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 3.25″ Ned Leech


The Ned Leech measures 3.25″ from end to end.  The thickest part of the body is .8″ wide and .375″ thick and the thin section of the tail is .25″ wide and .1″ thick.  The body has a thin ribbed texture to mimic a real leech, and the thin tail with bulbous tip provides action even when […]

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 3″ Epic Prey Bait


The 3 Inch Epic PreyBait, “hand injection” style mold was designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits. The Epic PreyBait is a boot tail swimbait with a rear fin designed to have an intense action with realistic presentation at any speed, with a kick and wobble on the fall. This bait/mold does not have a hook slot and is intended to […]


The Stinger Ned measures 3″ from tip to tail and the thick end of the bait is .45″ thick.  The body has a thin angled rib texture and a pointed, pyramid shaped tail. Designed for use with a ned rig style jig heads. Mold size – 7in x 3in Number of cavities – 8 Made in […]


The 3″ slick swimmer paddle tail swimbait’s  body is just under .5″ thick and .375″ wide. The bait has a big side to side tail wobble with body roll at slow speeds and ultra fast, hard kicking action at higher speeds. This is a 6 cavity “top shot” mold which allows you to use two injectors […]


The 4.6″ Freakin Frog is a top water frog bait.  It’s legs kick/flop to create a small splash of water and a bubble trail as it is retrieved on a slow/moderate to fast retrieve.  The body of this bait is .85″ wide and .52″ thick.  The body also features a life-like profile with bumps down the […]


The 4″ long Slick Swimmer paddle tail swimbait’s body is .6″ thick and .375″ wide. This is a 6 cavity “top shot” mold which allows you to use two injectors and a mixing block (not included) to shoot top/bottom laminated baits.


The Classic Stickbait features a worm-like rib texture and a gently tapered tail. Designed for the wacky rig, texas rig, carolina rig and other bass fishing techniques. 5″ Classic Stickbait – 4 Cavity Mold size – 3″x6.125″ 8 Cavity Mold size – 6″x6.125″ Bait size – 5″ long x 0.393″ thick More sizes coming soon, email us at if you […]


The 5 Inch Flappin Drax bait has a total length of 5 inches, body width of .8″ (including ribs), and body thickness of .46″ (including ribs).  There are a total of 10 ribs along the body and the last two near the tail of the bait are recessed (slightly indented) to accommodate the hook point. The bait is also […]


This “fluke style” or “jerk bait” style bait measures 5 inches from nose to tail with a body width of .38″ and a mid body thickness of .6″.  The belly features a deep hook slot to allow great hookup ratios on ewg style hooks.  The back features a divot down the center for aligning and […]