Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 5″ Hawg


It’s 4″ with the legs not extended and 5″ with them extended. 6 Cavity


The 6.2 Inch Lizard bait has a total length of 6.2 inches with the curly tail extended. The body of this bait is .35″ from back to belly and .46″ from side to side at the widest part.  This bait also features curly tail arms that kick at a very slow retrieval rate along with a long […]

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 7″ Curly Tail Grub


This 7 Inch ribbed Curly Tail Grub’s body thickness is .65″, the body length from nose to base of tail is 2.45″ and the curly tail is .07″ thick. The total length of this bait with its tail extended is 7 inches. 2 Cavity  

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 9″ Finesse Worm


The 9 Inch Pintail Worm is 9 inches total length with a diameter of .35″ at the thickest part of the body that tapers down to .125″ in diameter at the tip of the tail.  The taper of the bait starts behind the egg sack area to leave the front of the bait thick where the hook […]

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Variety Mold


Bass Variety Mold 4 Cavity Mold