Air Clamp


-Fully Machined clamp plates to ensure optimized clamping face.

-6″ wide base with 8″ clamping plates to allow for mold stability and greater clamping surface.

-Adjustable height for different mold sizes.

-Anti Marring plates to help reduce cosmetic wear of mold surfaces.

-Adjustable speed controller to optimize cylinder speed to operator preference.

-110-140 psi recommended for operation.

-Inline filter recommended to extend the life of the cylinders.

-Keep molds centered to get optimal clamping pressure.

-Remove air pressure from clamp after each use.

-Usage of the clamp can pinch hand, finger or ect. Using this clamp the operator/owner of the clamp takes full responsibility of usage of the device.

-Clean with compressed air and WD-40 only.

-Do not exceed 140 psi.

-Lubricate system with 1 drop of pneumatic tool oil per week of use.

***Frequent use may require more frequent lubrication.


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