4 Ounce Dipping Dye - Instantly change your bait color.

  • Green
  • Chartreuse
  • Orange
  • Red



Floating Additive is used to give baits increased buoyancy {Float}.  Please note that overuse of flotation beads will effect bait color.


The Plastisol made by PolySol and distributed by Bait Plastics typically does not require any additional stabilizer, but this high grade stabilizer will correct any yellowing issues you may see after several reheats.


Mend-It Glue to repair torn or damaged soft plastic baits. Built-in brush for easy, mess-free application. Mend approximately 400 baits. .50 ML Botlle


High grade hardener used to get the exact hardness you prefer. Simply add this hardener to any of the plastisols offered and dial in the hardness of your custom bait and tackle. Offered in pints and quarts.


Add this softener to any of the plastisol's offered to dial in the hardness of your finished bait.


Sinking Additive is used to give baits a slow sinking action in the water.  Please note that overuse of sinking additive will effect bait color.


Unscented Worm Oil - Will provide lubrication and shine to baits

8oz Heavy Duty Injectors!

8 Oz Single Injector = $79.95

8 oz Dual Injectors = $199.95