Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

10 Inch Flat Tail Worm


10 Inch Flat Tail Worm 4 Cavity

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

3 Inch Ned Worm


3 Inch Ned Worm 10 Cavity  

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

5.25″ Stick Bait Tail


  40 Cavity tail mold that will fit in our  18 cavity stick bait mold.

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

6 Inch Wicked Worm


6 Inch Wicked Worm 2 Cavity Mold  


The 6 Inch Finesse Worm is 6 inches total length with a diameter of .33″ at the thickest part of the body.  The bottom of the bait is flat in overall shape but the ribbing on the body goes all the way around the worm. Mold size – 3″x7″ Number of cavities – 5 All molds are […]

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 18″ Mega Ribbon Tail


At a full 18″ the Mega Ribbon is the one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Ribbon Tail injection worm mold on the market! Featuring a 1/2″ diameter ribbed body, smooth section, and .08″ thick tail. The ribbed body / smooth area is 7.5″ long and the tail is 10.5″ long making for a grand total of […]

Aluminum Fishing Lure Molds

Epic Bait Molds 2″ Sand Worm


The 2 Inch Sandworm bait measures 2″ from end to end and the bait’s round/ribbed body section measures .215″ wide x .175″ tall at the thickest part. The tiny projections/legs along the sides of the body are flat on one side, rounded on other and taper to a point. This allows for lots of movement […]


The Classic Stickbait features a worm-like rib texture and a gently tapered tail. Designed for the wacky rig, texas rig, carolina rig and other bass fishing techniques. 5″ Classic Stickbait – 4 Cavity Mold size – 3″x6.125″ 8 Cavity Mold size – 6″x6.125″ Bait size – 5″ long x 0.393″ thick More sizes coming soon, email us at if you […]


The 5 Inch Flappin Drax bait has a total length of 5 inches, body width of .8″ (including ribs), and body thickness of .46″ (including ribs).  There are a total of 10 ribs along the body and the last two near the tail of the bait are recessed (slightly indented) to accommodate the hook point. The bait is also […]