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The Chill-N-Reel


The Chill-N-Reel Lets you go fishing without putting your drink down! It's a hand-line fishing reel on the side of an insulated drink holder. The Chill-N-Reel is easy to just about any age. Simply pitch the line(with bait on the hook)in the water with the logo-side facing away from you and your favorite beverage in the drink insulator, wait, tug when you get a bite, and hand-reel with your fish on! It's that easy! The patented The Chill-N-Reel drink holder comes equipped with 50ft of 8lb test line, a hook, sinker, and of course a Chill-N-Reel drink insulator to keep your beverage of choice nice and cool so you can "Reel 'em in Cold!"