Color Wheel For mixing different colors. Find your specific color by using this simple color wheel guide.


High Temp Polyester Glitter .015 HEX  


.025 HEX Fluorescent GLITTER

  • Pink
  • Lime
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue


High Temp Polyester Glitter .040 HEX


High Temp Polyester .062 HEX Glitter



  • 112 Super Soft
  • 142 Super Soft/Low Odor/Ultra Clear
  • 152 Soft
  • 212 Medium
  • 232 Medium Non-Phthalate
  • 242 Medium/Low Odor/Ultra Clear
  • 262 Medium / Saltwater
  • 292 medium/hard/low odor/ulra clear
  • 312 Saltwater
  • 342 Hard/Low Odor/UltraClear
  • 362 Saltwater Super Tough


3D Eyes


3D Eyes - 100 PACK Adhesive Backed

  • Red
  • Gold
  • Silver


Hanging Bait Bags - Laminated 3 x 3 4 x 4 5 x 3 6 x 4 7 x 4.25 8 x 5 9 x 4 12 x 4


Pump Warranty Information: Customers using solvents such as stabilization resins (MinWax™, Gator Venom™ etc.), alcohol and other polar solvents must use the vacuum pumps in conjunction with a cold trap for evacuations in excess of 5 minutes. (Excludes Cactus Juice™)

  • If the consumer is using the pump for prolonged periods of time exceeding 5 minutes we require that a cold trap is used or the pump warranty is void.
  • These stabilization resins have the ability to break down the internal components of the pump that are plastic resulting in a seized motor voiding all warranties.
  • When evacuation exceeds 5 minutes these solvents begin to vaporize and then re-condense in the vacuum pump reservoir. Once enough solvent re-condenses in the pump displacing the oil the plastic internal components may begin to warp, melt or seize. The use of a cold trap will condense the vapors prior to making their way to the vacuum pump preventing pump damage due to excessive use. Furthermore, Minwax Wood Hardener™ is not to be used with any vacuum pumps, EVER. (A seized motor will result from the first use.)
  • To prevent these issues from happening to your process, change the Oil after each vacuum pump use, Even if the use time is only 5min.